^Hidden Arrows^ is an invite-only group. If you wish to join, speak to one of our recruiters; you may contact them ingame, over Steam, or here in the site (if you have an account). You will be told you how to proceed, depending on the recruiter.

List of recruiters and contact information:

Namesort descending Joined Steam Origin ID Forum Profile
^AjaX^ 2015 Ajax3 Shogun99-henri ^AjaX^
^Arcline^ 2008 Arcline Arclin3 ^Arcline^
^Blade^ 2008 diebymyblade ^Blade^
^Craz^ 2006 silly_nihilist ^Craz^
^cyk^ 2006 lordcyk cyknado ^cyk^
^Flame^ 2006 lemonysniffit ^Flame^
^Jixx^ 2007 jinxxex JIXXCAKE ^Jixx^
^kazzi^ 2010 kazzi kazzzzi ^kazzi^
^Minion^ 2010 Minion122 Caimardun ^Minion^
^Mula^ 2006 mulamula mulamula4 ^Mula^
^Primus^ 2006 swish562 ^Primus^
^Shadow Wolf^ 2006 ^Shadow Wolf^
^ShaggyDog^ 2008
^Zexion^ 2006 alzuza ^Zexion^